Member Spotlight – The “Amyzing” Transformation

Featured Member: Amy Christina Waddell
Age: 34
Hometown: Spartanburg, South Carolina
Occupation: Fifth Grade Teacher
Member at Athens Health & Fitness for 4.5 years

Amy enjoying all the cardio option Omni Club offers

How she became “Amyzing”.

Amy, a well-known social “gym rat” at Athens Health & Fitness, has made a huge transformation over the past 4.5 years. It wasn’t a quick transformation and she has hit some plateaus along the way but since she joined she has lost over 52 inches and 118 pounds!

Initially Amy began working out to impress others but she quickly learned that didn’t help her see herself in a better light – in fact, she says, “My weight never changed and I didn’t do much work in those group classes.”

She quickly realized she had to do it for herself, find an inner source of determination. She explained, “My hands and legs were hurting and I was moving slow – I knew it was only a matter of time before a doctor would have to step in. So I ‘woke up’ and ‘got up’ and made the decision to change my life.

How she stopped the endless dieting.

Amy has been through various weight loss programs and never seemed to find the results that lasted until she joined Athens Health & Fitness personal training program. Her biggest supporter in her fitness journey, her mom, helped to pay for the sessions that changed her whole workout routine.

Amy, a familiar face in Omni Club’s group training classes, still manages to get in two one-on-one strength training sessions per week with her trainer, Tania. “There have been countless mornings at 5:30 am when I didn’t want to work out or weigh in. Not that I was afraid to work out, but more afraid of the number on the scale. Tania has helped me see past my fears and continues to encourage me.”


How a Teacher Finds the Time

Finding a balance between work, working out, and her social life became no problem for Amy once she figured out her top priority was her health. Her weekly workout routine typically follows this schedule:

Monday: Spin and/or treadmill

Tuesday: Spin and/or treadmill

Wednesday: AM Personal Training with Tania and PM Zumba

Thursday: Outdoor run – during the summer she has been taking Group Power

Friday: AM Personal Training with Tania and PM Zumba

Saturday: Group Power class and/or outdoor run

Sunday: Rest and Recovery

Amy loves the 5:00 AM workouts because getting to the gym early has made her more productive and able to still enjoy her evenings with friends or at home. She says, “I did have to get up at 4 AM but the results are worth it! After work, I returned to the gym for another workout three times a week and by 5:30 PM I was at home to hang out with friends and family. Working out in the morning also puts me at school by 6:15 AM. From that time until 7:30 AM I accomplish A LOT”


It was difficult in the beginning but now it is part of her lifestyle and even through the summer Amy hasn’t stopped her 5:00 AM workouts. She has limited herself to one per week she explains, “Because I do not want my body to forget getting up at 4:00 AM.”

Favorites at Athens Health & Fitness

Amy loves cardio, in particular, Zumba. She gets to let out her stress and pull out her “inner diva.” She says, “I may not be the best dance, but everything I wish I could do outside those doors comes out!” Her favorite piece of equipment at the club is the Ab Coaster – she may not love training her abs on it but she loves when it hurts to laugh the next day. Another favorite for Amy is the amount of treadmills the club offers. She is currently training for her first 5K next month and she wants to complete the race in under 30 minutes. She want’s to RUN the entire time – walking for her is unacceptable. So when you can’t find Amy shaking it in Zumba she is sweating it out on the treadmills training for her next big goal!

“The significant progress I made since joining the club was becoming a better me. I have made countless friends and have taken almost every single class. Athens Health & Fitness is my other home. I have gained muscle strength and lost inches (52”) and a total of 118.6 pounds. In classes I use to sit or dance in the back, but now I have my “FRONT” spot. I don’t mind if someone is looking at me, because I’m not doing it for them, but for me. I use to walk through the doors with my head down ashamed, but look at me now. I walk in and make sure that I’m noticed. I speak with my head up and with confidence.”

Amy we couldn’t be more honored to feature you and your transformation for our Member Spotlight! We are flattered Athens Health & Fitness is your 2nd home and we continue to support and encourage you as you reach even more fitness goals! Your Omni family is cheering you on Ms. Amyzing and many of us will be at the finish line of your first 5K!

Excited to be front row in her favorite class at Omni Club