Member Spotlight Featuring Alexis Dacy

Featured Member: Alexis Dacy
Age: 21
Hometown: Austin, TX
Occupation: Student
Member at Athens Health & Fitness for 4 years

Alexi on Jacobs Ladder






Determined to not gain a Freshman 15.

When Alexis started her freshmen year of college her sister recommended her to join Athens Health & Fitness to take advantage of all the classes and programs that we have to offer.

Loves the iron. 

She participated in soccer and cheerleading before coming to the University of Georgia but since joining Athens Health & Fitness she has become a fan of weight training. She loves working out with her trainer Kent because “I never get bored like I do on a cardio machine, and your body continues burning calories afterwards!” Her favorite piece of equipment at the gym is the Re-ACT Trainer. “I can’t say I would choose to do it on my own without Kent making me, but it’s such a good leg workout in only a few minutes.” 

The Re-ACT Trainer available only at Athens Health & Fitness

She considered her Trainer Kent her biggest motivator!

Fight Club fanatic.

Every class she can attend throughout the week she does. She loves this small group personal training class the most because, “It incorporates all muscle groups and includes cardio. Every class is different, with great music, lots of times to choose from, and all my friends go with me. It’s definitely my favorite thing to do every day.” When asked how she balances working out and her busy schedule as a student she responded with, “Who needs to balance things in life when working out is all that matters? Just kidding, kinda. I study during the day before Fight Club, or at night after Fight Club. My friends go with me to the gym so I can work out & hang out with them at the same time!” 

She is a familiar face in Fight Club IMG_0133

IMG951251Motivated, Dedicated, and Finding Balance.

Her mom is a health coach so she has been a huge influence on Alexis and her fitness goals. But since joining Athens Health & Fitness her support system away from home has been, “My WONDERFUL trainer Kent, Rhuben & the rest of the fight club instructors.” They keep her motivated throughout the week so she can reserve her cheat days for the weekends at her favorite local restaurants in downtown Athens.