Member Spotlight Featuring A Fit Family

Featured Members: Stewart and Leslie Williams
Age: 35
Hometown: Bogart, Georgia
Occupations: Network Administrator & Treasury Management Sales Representative
Members at Athens Health & Fitness for 6 years 

Stewart and Leslie love the effective workout they get with kettlebell training

With 30 quickly approaching.

Stewart and Leslie decided before their 30th birthdays to join Athens Health & Fitness. Stewart, who claims to be a former band nerd who never made it past tee-ball, said, “with 30 approaching and my metabolism slowing I knew it was time for a change. Diabetes runs in my family, so I wanted to keep that at bay as long as possible.” Leslie, on the other hand, loved weight training in her youth and wanted to start at the club to stay healthy and maintain her figure.

Chris, their personal trainer, combines TRX movements and traditional strength training to give them a unique workout.

Weight training buffs. 

This fit couple loves strength training for the variety and it’s ability to “ease the stresses from their day.” Stewart enjoys all the cable machines Athens Health & Fitness has to offer because, “You can change between multiple exercises quickly for supersets without moving to a new piece of equipment”

Leslie’s favorite exercise is the squat, because they remind me of when I was able to squat as much as the guys in my high school gym class.”  The club has plenty of options to complete her favorite lower body workouts.

With Smith machines, squat racks, traditional weight-stack machines, and also Free-Motion cables, she can challenge herself in so many ways.

Both of them have busy work schedules so they strive for efficient strength training sessions.  Luckily their personal trainer, Chris Steinberg, creates workouts they enjoy but also maximize their time in the gym.

Training together has kept them motivated

Nutrition is key.

Stewart and Leslie both agree that nutrition is key when starting a successful fitness program, but they also agree it can be the most challenging.  Stewart has manipulated his diet based on specific goals.  He has increased calorie intake in an effort to increase muscle mass and at other times he has eaten cleanly to get lean. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener because he claims, “If I had to pick I would much rather eat to lose weight than to gain it.”

The couple loves Italian food as their “cheat meal” and if they are on track with their fitness goals they might hit up the Athens’ favorite, Depalmas Italian Café, once a week as a treat.

Training for Two.

The fit couple is expecting their first baby boy in August. Leslie continues to train, maybe not at the same level of intensity as usual, but she is still working with their trainer each week and putting in time on her own. Her and Stewart are already planning to keep up their workout schedules when the baby arrives but they know it will be a new challenge for them.

We think this fit couple will find the time, especially since each one credits the other for their motivation. Stewart says, “Leslie got us started at Athens Health & Fitness. I don’t know if fitness would have been part of my life had she not motivated me.” and Leslie brags that, “My husband is always encouraging me to go to the gym more often with him.”

Congrats on the new addition to the Williams family and Athens Health & Fitness is excited to be a part of the future health of this family and helping Leslie to get her, “pre-baby body back!”