Fight Club and Yoga Team Up in May

Take notice of the brand new fusion class added to Fridays in May at Athens Health & Fitness. Fight Club and OM Studio’s Yoga class are coming together as one.

Every Friday in May at 4:30 pm join us for the workout your body needs most. Start your workout with the amazing high intensity Fight Club class and finish with the static stretching and flexibility work in yoga.

This 90-minute workout will burn calories and get your heart rate soaring with the punching, kicking, and cardio drills led by your favorite Fight Club instructor Wes Gresham. Then while your body is still warm, you begin the crucial active recovery the body needs most from the fundamentals of yoga taught by Kendal Kookogey.

By incorporating this healthy fusion class your body achieves a healthy balance of both cardiovascular endurance along with balance and flexibility training. This method of training will lead to less injuries and increased endurance and strength in your future workouts!

See you all at Athens Health & Fitness Westside location Fridays at 4:30 pm for the workout your body needs most! For more details call the club at 706-369-3111